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    Technology Replacing Manual Processes
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    Wire Account Validation
    Automated Payee
    Confirmation from your LOS
    Confirm Age of Account,
    Minimum Balance and Funds Available
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    Instant CRA
    Property Validation
    Automated • LOS Integration • Batch Verification
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    Appraisal Independence Firewall
    Automated Appraisal Assignments
    100% Dodd-Frank Compliant
    No Cost to Lender


And simplify complex processes.

Welcome to Data Compliance Solutionsthe futuremultipurpose

DCS invests and hosts early stage technology companies led by exceptional management teams with the passion and ability to build best-in-class organizations that bring technology solutions to real industry problems.

Some of What We Offer

Here are just some of the products DCS offers that can help you automate your processes.


AtlasCRA brings simplicity to a complex process.

By leveraging bleeding-edge technology, we are able to provide the fastest and most accurate CRA validation solution. We've reduced the eligibility workflow to the fewest steps and the most current data that is constantly updated from the source. This allows lenders the flexibility to cater their CRA strategy to their assessment area without the confusion commonly encountered when navigating big-data. Our first step is simplicity so your next step is clear.

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Wire Raptor

Validate your wiring instructions without picking-up a phone.

WireRaptor integrates into your LOS to give clear pass/fail recommendations for your Title Companies and Closing Agents. Save time, money, and your reputation by confirming your wire recipients with WireRaptor.

Appraisal Independence Firewall

AIF offers a secure web-based interface for Mortgage Lenders and Appraisers.

We offer a specifically-engineered and automated portal that allows communications to flow from your Loan-Origination Software and loan production staff directly to the appraiser. Furthermore, this service is offered with no cost to the Bank or Lender.

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DCS Can Help You Automate

Any process that is taking up time, DCS can help automate.

Think DCS Can Help You?

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